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February, 2009: Thank you for continuing to use these lists after 14 years. Considering the traffic they still bring, it is time for me keep them more updated. Please let me know of any additions or changes. In the meantime I want to thank the two contributors who have keept the site up: Advanced Wedding Photography and Video in San Jose and A Matter of Mind in San Jose.

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About DOXYS:

DOXYS, Doctors' Assistance Systems, was created for you, whether you are a physician, a student, or a layperson, we want you to have access to the information you need to make informed decisions.

If you are looking for information on basic research or alternative therapies for a particular condition, you can request a custom report. We search the National Library of Medicine and our own archives to find practical clinical information. If you are a clinician, we can help you make custom newsletters you can use for patient education. A special benefit to you or your clients is the fact that all our reports and newsletters are edited by an experienced clinical staff.

Our staff is small but very dedicated and resourceful. We are busy collecting research and creating documents. Watch soon for important resources on chronic fatigue, cognitive enhancement, functional orthodontics, somatic therapies, phytomedicine (herbal medicine), longevity, medical politics, environmental illness, and much more.

Please take some time to explore our files. Then send us comments, suggestions or links that will make the Doxys site more useful.

Please Note: As of 2009 Doxys no longer accepts requests for clinical reports and data searches.

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